Inspired by T-shirts

Inspired by T-shirts

Some people find inspirations from books they read. Some others love to quote inspiring people’s thoughts. For our family, movies and music are our main source of inspirations. 

As parents, we often find it a little tricky to explain things to our kids. Piles of songs and bands database occupied almost every cluster of our minds, and left only a little space for basic parental knowledge. That’s why, most of the time it’s easier for us to tell Rinjani (and maybe Gili, soon) to listen to a particular song (or a band) or watch some movies when we need her to understand or to feel about something. For example, a couple of years ago we watched Wonder the movie together with Rinjani, because we started to worry that she had this kind of a lack of empathy.

Lately Rinjani’s been binge-watching Stranger Things. Finally. We thought she’s ready now. In fact, judging from her stories about her ‘school drama’ and all the friends stuff, we believe that she can now relate with the series. And when she came up with this t-shirt with an oh-so-inspirational quote, we’re not surprised. Not at all.

Iron & Wine was clearly NOT on the playlist of Rinjani’s fave songs. Since she was little, she’d prefer upbeat and dance-y music over anything else. Folk songs make me sleepy, she said. Nothing wrong with it, music is about feeling. 

One day, her piano teacher told us that Rinjani has a good ear and improving techniques, but she lacked emotions in her piano playing. We can understand, but it’s kind of hard to explain it to Rinjani. Once again, music is about feeling. So we asked Rinjani to listen to Iron & Wine (well, pardon our reference) hoping that she’d feel it and understand how to play music from the heart. 

That was years ago.

Couple months ago, when her piano teacher let her choose her own fave song for a piano concert, she simply chose Flightless Bird American Mouth. And we’re not surprised. Not at all.

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