Meet The Babybirds

The Babybirds is a small team of a dad, a mum, a little girl, and their newest member, a little baby boy. Sometimes they have fun making DIY projects, sometimes they make random merchandises for sale, sometimes they’re busy with various commissioned projects from clients at their home studio, but most of the time they just gather at mum & popo’s bed watching Netflix together. Because whatever they do, they’re just a family, afterall.

About The Blog

This blog was created long before we got married. We created it because we lived in different cities back then so we thought, beside all those online social networking we’ve already in, an online journal would be a perfect tool to beat the LDR problems down by sharing our stories with each other as often as possible. That simple.

Now that we got married, living our life together in the same house accompanied by these cute little babies, we keep blogging and sharing stories here. Not only with each other anymore, but with everyone. Friends, and family.

The old blog, which was only a common journal, has evolved into a home now. Just like us who are finally united as family called The Babybirds. This is our home. Our virtual home. Everybody is welcome here.

Please sit back in our living room and read our stories,  or please come to the backyard and join us doing fun projects or help us watering the plants. You are also welcomed in our messy kitchen and join us making whatever we like to eat, or check out our photo album, enjoy our macrame creations on the wall, or sneak personal interests of the husbandthe wife, or the little girl.

Later, before you go home, you can have a look at our family merchandise and buy some for yourself or your loved ones. Anyway, enjoy your stay, please make yourself at home 🙂

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