Brb, Swimming! A New Fabrics Collection.

Brb, Swimming! A New Fabrics Collection.

Remember Ants March, our very first fabrics collection in collaboration with Toko Encit, last year? Thanks to everyone’s massive supports, it was a very big hit, we must say, and couldn’t thank you enough.

One year later, today we’re so excited to release our second collection. 

What took us so long? 

Well, long story (d’oh!). First, following the massive success of the  Ants March collection, we’ve got several pattern/fabrics design projects and that was pretty hectic. Second, you know, the Gili drama. And last but not least, the super busy young woman Rinjani, and her piano class, swimming class, dance class, basketball class, and some other activities.

Especially for swimming, there are some days where she would join extra classes for swimming competitions, and of course, there are swimming competitions. It’s so funny that this girl was named after a mountain, but she loves water sports more than anything. You might have noticed that everytime we went on a traveling, swimming pool AND beach are mandatory. Like, super ultra mandatory.

That’s why we called this new fabrics collection, ‘Brb, Swimming!”

Because that’s Rinjani. That’s what she said everytime. On school days, on holidays, on whatever days, she’d go ‘Brb, swimming!’.

This collections consist of three different designs, which represent Rinjani’s natural habitat, the pool, the beach, and the sea. All are featuring Rinjani’s original illustrations. As usual, all fabrics are screenprinted in high quality Lyco Poplin and Euca Spandex, made from eucalyptus tree and processed in a closed loop cycle, it has excellent moisture management , very suitable for tropical climate. Easy to sew and easier to iron. More detailed specification can be found at Toko Encit official website.

Please find each fabrics designs in the following pictures.




If you know Rinjani, you know it’s so her. It’s basically what she always dream to do everyday for the rest of her life.

All fabrics are now available for purchase at Toko Encit. You can buy it by metre or in bulk. Please follow @tokoencit on Instagram.

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