Ants March Co-Ord Set

Ants March Co-Ord Set

The basic idea of doing fabric design colaboration with Toko Encit was actually to encourage our friends to unleash their creativity to design their own outfits. Some friends did a really great job creating something something using our fabrics, and they’re surprisingly beyond awesome.

But then we realized, although we believe everyone is creative in their own way, but not everyone have time to play with sewing machine or have access to a tailor or fashion designer.

So here we go again, dealing with friends who keep nagging us to make ready-to-wear outfit. Like these colony of ants, they’re chasing and haunting us. The problem is, it’s hard to say no, specially to friends we love.

That’s how we came up with this Ants March co-ord set.

This set is using high quality lyco poplin, which was made from eucalyptus tree and processed in a closed loop cycle, has excellent moisture management, and very suitable for tropical climate.

Although it’s a co-ord set, but you can optionally buy top only or bottom only.

Please check your size according to specifications below. To order, please log on to our official Tokopedia shop here.


TOPS (Available in S/M/L)

  • Chest : 90cm (S) / 94cm (M) / 98cm (L)
  • Length : 51cm (S) / 53cm (M) / 55cm (L)


BOTTOMS (Available in S/M/L)

  • Waist : 66cm (S) / 68cm (M) / 70cm (L)
  • Length : 70cm (S) / 72cm (M) / 74cm (L)
  • Equipped with side pockets on the left and right.


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