Mamah Iyem’s Lele Bag

Mamah Iyem’s Lele Bag

Dear Mamah Iyem,

We believe you’re still remember this project we initiated a couple of years ago called ‘A Tribute Project’. The main idea of the project is to develop a signature product that we dedicate to the most influential and inspirational friends, from our own perspective.

Within the last few years, we’ve released two out of three parts of the project. First, Mamin’s Birdie Bag featuring Mamin Dita Wistarini. Second part was Binggi’s Scallop Bag, last year.

And here’s the final part. We humbly-but-not-so-surprisingly dedicate this signature bag to you.

For most people in town, ‘The Ruby Sudoyo’ is not your average friends. The Ruby Sudoyo lies at the top level of the pyramid you would never see, let alone reach.

For us, despite everything, you’re just our Mamah Iyem. Mamah, literally and figuratively. When you’re around (which you always do), we’ll ask for breakfast. We’ll talk stupid things. We share stories we didn’t post on social media. We complains about your hairdo. We ask for advises. We give insights about what you should or shouldn’t wear. We’ll ask you to treat us at some fancy restaurants, and in return, we’ll take you to the best pecel lele in town and you’re a happy girl. Well we know that’s nothing to do with humbleness or whatever. You’re just hungry and you like ikan Lele a lot. And we don’t want to see you hungry. Never. Not in our wildest dream.

Hence this bag. We called it Mamah Iyem’s Lele Bag. Design-wise, it’s only a regular go-to tote bag. You throw everything inside, put it in your shoulder, and you’re out the door. It is made of high quality genuine leather and equipped with sophisticated cotton scarf with ikan Lele pattern printed on it. We got you covered, just in case.

Dear Mamah Iyem,

When we said this project is all about our own way of saying thank you to our most inspiring people, we really meant it. You’ve been showing us how to aim high, while stay low at the same time. You’ve been sharing us your good influences and enriching us with your bad ones.

You’re beyond inspiring. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you.

Hugs and kisses from the three of us,

Nyanya – Rinjani – Ing


Mamah Iyem’s Lele Bag is the final part of our Tribute Project. In this project, we designed three personalized leather bags which we dedicate to three different women who have been our all time inspirations.

We have released the first part earlier this year featuring Dita Wistarini of The Neverland Family. The second part was dedicated to Thalia Kamarga of And this time we’ve come to the final part of the project, a dedication to our beloved Mamah Iyem, or people might known her by the name Ruby Sudoyo. Just like Dita who is called Mamin, and Thalia is called Binggi by their kids, Mamah Iyem is also a special name for Ruby from… well everyone of us.

Ruby is a bigger sister, a friend, a mother, all at the same time. She’s smart. In fact, she’s too bright for our level. Her works make Ruby busy almost all the time. We often worried about this. Not only her health, but most importantly, her looks. Imagine, working from one city or even country to another, in a fast pace. That’s why, we thought she would need this go-to tote bag which she can easily put all her stuff in, and carry everywhere. It’s black, and it’s a high quality genuine leather. A typical Madame Ruby. And when a day get worse, the clock is ticking faster, and unexpected meeting is inevitable, the 50 cm square bright cotton scarf to the rescue.

In contrary to her ‘jet set’ lifestyle (she’s going to kill us for this), Ruby has this soft spot. It’s ikan Lele. Well she eats everything, but when she eats Lele, she becomes her true self. She becomes Mamah Iyem we love.

Like always, we won’t keep all the happiness to ourselves. We would like to share this 100% genuine leather bag with Ruby’s dearest friends in a very limited quantities and limited time.

Please mail to if you’re interested.


The Bag :

  • Upper width : 45 cm
  • Lower width : 34 cm
  • Height : 30 cm
  • Premium genuine leather

The Scarf :

  • Dimension 50 x 50 cm
  • Printed on Cotton fabric







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  1. mba, harganya brp?

  2. Hallo, brp harga lele bag nya?

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