Rinjani’s Drawstring Bag

Rinjani’s Drawstring Bag

So, one day we asked Rinjani about her homeworks, and she replied with, “I swear I already did it but a bunch of ants took it away!” well why are we not surprised.

As parents, we always remind ourselves not to dictate Rinjani’s choices much. Be it her clothes, shoes, food, even her dreams, whatever she wants to be when she grows up. We’re here only to guide her and help her choose.

When she was one year old, she preferred erasing than drawing. She liked it when our doodles disappeare from the paper. That time, we drew a lot so she can erase and erase it. As she got older, she started to like using pencils and markers more. So we gave her sheets of papers. Lots of it. These quirky looking hands and feet are one of her first doodles, when she was 2 years old. Not long after, she simply became a paper eater. Piles of papers full of her doodles are everywhere in the house.

Up until now, Rinjani is still doodling consistently (and both of us screamed silently, ‘yyyeeeaaayyyssshh!’). This might shock you a bit, but we never told her to, let alone teaching her how to draw. We do guide her, provide all the drawing kits, give her references, take her out to a lot of places, but never teach her how to draw a straight lines.

Last month we made this drawstring bag for Rinjani. The idea was a little bit of back from the future kind of thing. In the future, year 2029 to be exact, Rinjani will finally make it to one of the best design school in the world, and the bag is her official class bag, featuring her very first hands & feet doodle from her childhood. How cool is that?

Amen to that.

But then what is this Class of 2029 has to do with the colony of ants?

Well, when the day come, and she make it to the design school (or any school she wants), we will definitely remind her that when she was 8 years old, she refused to do her homeworks and said, “a colony of ants took my homeworks away!” instead.

In one sentence, both drawstring bags are simply present Rinjani and future Rinjani. Not only the prints, every little details of the bag is sooo Rinjani. The bag is made of Taslan fabric, a modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric. Its strong and durable characteristics are suitable for Rinjani’s daily activities, from swimming to gym class. One bag is using white cords, while the other is using a mix of two different vibrant colors.

In case you’re interested with this present & future Rinjani Drawstring Bag Collection, please check more detailed specification below, and contact us by email to hello@thebabybirds.net or our official LINE@ @thebabybirds.

Class of 2029 Drawstring Bag / IDR 150K

  • Made of Taslan fabric
  • White adjustable polyester cords
  • Dimension (w) 35 cm x (h) 42 cm
  • Mustard stripes on White

Colony of Ants Drawstring Bag / IDR 150K

  • Made of Taslan fabric
  • Mix of Yellow and Pink adjustable polyester cords
  • Dimension (w) 35 cm x (h) 42 cm
  • Funky colors on light brown

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