Toko Encit X The Babybirds

Toko Encit X The Babybirds

Aaaaand another dream project is ticked off our dreamlist! We don’t know how to share this without looking too excited. After quite a long journey of experimenting with several fabric printing techniques, from traditional batik stamp to digital printing, and made several collections of ready-to-wear products out of it, we finally came to this point. And that’s the exact point we’ve been searching for.

We’re so stoked to announce that we are now team up with Toko Encit to release our very first textile design collections.

In case you’ve been sleeping in the past hundreds of years, let us tell you that Tokoencit is a famous fabric company from Bandung. Furthermore, they provide supply of high quality material for fashion, and most importantly, they specialized in eco-friendly organic fabrics. More about Toko Encit, please read on their official website.

The first batch of this collection came in 2 different design in which design available in 2 colorways. All fabrics are screenprinted in high quality Lyco Poplin and Euca Spandex, made from eucalyptus tree and processed in a closed loop cycle, it has excellent moisture management , very suitable for tropical climate. Easy to sew and easier to iron. More detailed specification can be found at Toko Encit official website.

Ants Marching

Did you know that behind all those fancy plant gang photos we post on Instagram, there are several consequences we have to deal with everyday? One of them is a colony of ants marching around invading the house, everyday and everywhere.

The real problem is, we can’t just get rid of those ants by killing them with pesticides or something because Rinjani wouldn’t allow us. Not that she loves ants. In fact, she’d scream hysterically everytime she finds one. But this soft-hearted little lady just won’t allow us to hurt ANY animals or plants or pretty much anything (including all of her toys, which she always believe are all living things). Good thing. Weird, but still a good thing.

On a brighter side, these ants gave us lots of inspirations, as usual. Rinjani started to draw a lot of ants. On the iPad, in a paper, even in her own skins. Everywhere, just like the actual ants. And these drawing inspired us to tell stories about ants to Rinjani. You know, the famous ants philosophy and all.

But then again, just like everytime, inspiration gone wild. We started making patterns out of Rinjani’s marching ants. A visual of ants marching around our studio, our messy, messy studio.


In our fantasy land, the ants are starting to build their empire inside our home, take over the whole space, and turn it from messy home into busy city. A super highway traffics full of black ants are everywhere. You can no longer see them but a flash of black and blue lines.

All fabrics will be available for purchase at Toko Encit. You can buy it by metre or in bulk. Please follow @tokoencit on Instagram.

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