Mittela Scribbley Tops

Mittela Scribbley Tops

Using exactly the same cotton slub fabric as Rinjani’s Mittela Scribbley dress, we also printed the Mittela pattern for mum’s tops.

In case you’re interested to have one, it’s available for pre-order now. Please check the size charts and photos below before placing your order.

For more detailed info, please email to

Mittela Scribbley Tops

Assorted doodles, markers, ballpoints, on paper 80gsm

Collaged on Adobe Photoshop

Printed on Cotton Slub fabric

IDR 250K





2 responses to “Mittela Scribbley Tops”

  1. Nya-ing, mau pre order dong, iki masih ada apa ora ono?

    1. waduh baru baca! ini udah ga adaaa tan, udah lama soalnya 😀

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