A Tribute Project Part 1 : Mamin’s Birdie Bag

A Tribute Project Part 1 : Mamin’s Birdie Bag

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Dear Mamin,

This might be the toughest and the longest project we’ve ever done. After years of fun creative process, trial and errors, we finally came up with something we’re really happy with; our very own interpretation of Mamin’s Birdie Bag signature series. 

We called this ‘A Tribute Project’. The idea is to develop a signature product that we dedicate to the most influential and inspirational friends, from our own perspective. As we’ve always said, The Babybirds has been heavily influenced and inspired by a lot of good friends. Not only on creative stuff, but also on life, passion, dreams, everything.

One of those influential good friends is you, Mamin.

And that’s why we would like to dedicate this Birdie Bag specially for you, as part of the ‘A Tribute Project’. This is our interpretation on how mamin’s leather bag should look like. And since it’s only based on our own interpretation, we’re not really sure if you like it or not. Our main focus was to create something that really comes from our hearts.

So, why birdie?

Because that’s the first thing that crossed our minds when we asked ourselves the earliest memory about you. You used to draw birds a lot. In your drawings, mural, craft projects, etc. We’re also remember that we first met virtually on Twitter, when we chirped a lot, back then. 

Furthermore, this bird depicts your family who keep on flying high searching for more and more adventures in new places. Fly higher, Mamin, so you can keep inspiring us.

Hugs and kisses from the three of us,
Nyanya, Rinjani, and Ing.


Mamin’s Signature Birdie Bag is part of our Tribute Project. In this project, we designed three personalized leather bags which we dedicate to three different women who have been our all time inspirations.

This very first project features Dita Wistarini of The Neverland Family. No need further explanation about who she is or what she did that made her one of the most influential friends for The Babybirds. But in case you’re from Mars, you might need to check out her family blog at http://pinodita.com or follow @ditut on Instagram.

This signature bag is made of 100% genuine leather and available for Pre-Order in a very limited stocks only. Please drop us an email to hello@thebabybirds.net if you’re interested.


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