[SOLD OUT] Navajo Series – A Birthday Gift For Mum

Dear Mum,

In our search for the perfect birthday gift, Popo and I faced several challenges. We tried to find something that would be truly unique but were unsuccessful. Therefore, we decided to create something special on our own, which resulted in a personalized blanket with pictures that we hope you will love.

This Navajo bag also is the result of our hard work and creativity. Popo designed several Navajo patterns specifically for this project, knowing your love for the style. The genuine leather, beautiful colorways, and attention to detail all demonstrate our love and affection for you. We hope you also love this custom face pillow as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer a gift that captures your likeness, we also found a great option for personalized bobbleheads that we think you’ll adore. These unique and fun gifts can be customized to look like you, complete with your signature style and personality quirks. With a personalized bobblehead, you can keep a mini-version of yourself nearby and enjoy the memories that come with it for years to come. We hope you have a fantastic birthday and enjoy your special gifts!

Oh and the bag isn’t exclusively for you. We decided to share the love with other mums, so we created more than one bag. You can share it with your special friends. Special, because they are limited. And the Navajo patterns, we’ll  make it available for free download at our blog, so anyone can use it for personal purpose. I hope you don’t mind 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mum.

Much Love,



Navajo Bag ( IDR 250K – Online Price Only – shipping NOT included)  SOLD OUT


– Pigment screenprinted on canvas

– Laser engraved on genuine leather

– Very limited stock.

Download Navajo Patterns above in PDF format (332KB). It’s FREE for personal use only 🙂

26 responses to “[SOLD OUT] Navajo Series – A Birthday Gift For Mum”

  1. happy birthday Nyanya….!
    gw mau. mau. mau. booked sebiji.

    1. Maacih,dear :*

  2. Nyanya keren iiih mauuu ya ya ya 😀

    1. Thanks, Ji! ikut PO ya jadinya 🙂

  3. kereeennn, book satu yaa…

    1. Thanks, Din. Minggu ini dikabarin ya yang ikutan PO. Makassiiiiiii 🙂

  4. ya ampuuuunnn, ini kereeenn banget!
    Nyanyaaaaa, aku suka iing, ups maksudnya karyanyaaa… hihihihi
    Jadi, aku mauu pesaaaannnn!!! :)))
    Ah kalian ini rukun terus yaaaa sampe tuaaa :’) :*

    1. Ahahahahaha dasaar! Mudah-mudahan kita ga bubar kaya boyband-boyband deh :))))
      Boleh,Crey kalo mo ikutan PO. Kamis ini paling lambat. Thanks yaaa 🙂

  5. Mba masih bisa PO utk navajo bagnya? mau dong satu. Thanks..

    1. Hai, Indah..saya bikin lebih pas PO navajo bag kemaren. kalo masih berminat, kirim email aja ya ke saya. Thanks 🙂

  6. kereeenn!! you guys are soooo creative

    1. Waduuuh. Makasih ya 🙂

  7. Kayanya udah telat.. Padahal pengen banget.. T_T
    *siapa suru telat Faaaaan ;(

  8. haiii,
    masih bisa ikut po bikin tas ini-kah, please let me know by email ya mba

    many thanks

    1. maaf udah sold out 🙂

  9. Hai, Navajo bag Nya msh bisa order? Thanks

    1. maaf udah semuanya udah sold out 🙂

  10. sy sdh download najavo pattern nya utk keperluan sy pribadi ya
    makasih share nya

    1. Wow glad you like it, tar di share ke kita ya, patternnya dibikin buat apa 🙂

  11. Kalau someday dibikin lagi, let me know ya, iing/nyanya

  12. nyanya ini tasnya dibikin lagi dongs, mauuuuu bangeeet

  13. Aaaarrrghhhh telaaat taunya ada brand lokal keren banget apalagi tas ini!!! Maaauuu doonk!!! Please dibikin lagi… Aku tinggal jauh di Timur Indonesia nih, di Sorong, kepengen banget punya ini, kan belum ada yg punya disini!! Hehehehe…

  14. mba nyanya, mas ing,

    kalau bikin lagi, aku dikasih kabar yah. mauuu bgt. thanks

  15. habiiiis 🙁 tolong dikabari ya klo buat karya baru lagi berupa tas, love it to the max 🙂

  16. mba kapan produksi lagi? pengennn ngidam 🙂

    1. maaf kayanya ga mungkin produksi lagi, kemungkinan kalo produksi lagi kita bikin pattern yang beda 😀

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