Friends Of The Birdies : Stereoflow

Stereoflow (@stereoflow)

Stereoflow is om Spydee. Just like Om Ibod, he’s also one of FAB Family members. FAB Family is a bad boys club from Bandung, i need to be careful with these guys, said popo. I love om Spydee’s drawings. It’s colorful. You can see it at his website I love purple. I love pink. And horse is my very first love. This drawing he gave me is all i ever wanted. Check out some of his works, on canvases, and in the streets.

The Babybirds X Uncle Spydee’s Drawing Organizer IDR 110.000 (for boys and girls) – HOW TO ORDER

– A4 size drawing organizer made of canvas. (Sketchbook sold separately)


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