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Loveshugah (@loveshugah)

I call her tante Amel. She is a cat addict. Popo said, tante Amel has created lots of amazing paintings, and did several exhibitions here and there, and blablabla, i’m not really interested. What interests me the most is that tante Amel has looots of cutie cats in her house. She call it the gang of fur. That’s what she gave me, drawing of the gang of fur, with me on top! Chirp! Oh I loooove them. Check out for more info about Tante Amel. See some of her works below, and you’ll understand why I love her so much 🙂

The Babybirds X Auntie Loveshugah Cupcake Dress IDR 129.000 (for girls) – HOW TO ORDER

– Available sizes : Small, Medium, and Large

– Miss Shira wears Small in the lookbook

– Material : Pigment screenprinting on Cotton Combed 30s.

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