Eid Mubarak Around The World – Payakumbuh, Indonesia

This post is actually my contribution to Wira’s blogpost, ‘Eid Mubarak Around The World’ in his blog. So apparently he asked some of his friends around the world –including me– to share him stories and photos about Eid in their place, then compiled them into one blog post. Very nice idea.

So here it is.

For me personally, nothing new about ‘mudik lebaran’. I’ve been doing this every Eid since i left my hometown for Bandung 12 years ago.

But this year’s Eid is a bit different. It’s  special, because i came home to celebrate Eid along with two very special guests, my wife Nyanya and our little princess, Rinjani. It was Nyanya’s 1st experience to celebrate Eid together with my family. And Rinjani, she turned 5 months old this sept 13th, so this is her first Eid, first trip by plane, and many other first experiences.

Here is a quick intro about this homevillage called Taram. It’s about 6km from Payakumbuh, or around 3 hours drive from Padang. I was born here, just like my parents, and grandparents. I spent my childhood and finished my high school here.

Just like everybody else, Nyanya and i tweeted quite a lot about our Eid trip. But this time we tried something new. The idea was simple, we wanted to make a photo-log about our trip, with twitter style; spontaneous, short, and simple. So with the help of my iPhone, we integrated our Flickr account and our twitter accounts, and tweeted from the Flickr app, instead of twitter clients apps. The result is far from perfect, we weren’t fast enough to shoot all of the great moments, or stunning sceneries, or delicious foods, but it was fun, we love it!

Here are some of the photos.

1. Good afternoon Payakumbuh.

A Beautiful sillhoutte of Rumah Gadang, a traditional house of Padangnese.

2. One of the most joyful part for the kids, when they sit in line and all their parents, uncles, aunties, give them some money.

3. My nephew Tody and Bey are busy counting their ‘income’ for this year.

4. Rinjani says, My First Idul Fitri. Eid Mubarak, little lady!

5. An official family picture, the three of us.

6. Eid prayer in my village was performed outdoor in the grassland before a small lake, and in the shade of Bukit Bulek (rounded hill?). Beauty.

7. The view we enjoyed while performing Eid prayer.

8. Sate Danguang-Danguang, the best in town.

9. Ikan Bakar, one of mom’s secret recipes.

Check out our Flickr for more photos.

3 responses to “Eid Mubarak Around The World – Payakumbuh, Indonesia”

  1. Sayang ya..ga ada foto Kakak Farah..cuman Bang Bey + Bang Tody. Btw,thanks ya poping udah ngajak kita (aku+melon) pulang kampung. Seru!

    1. iyaa, knapa kita ga foto2 Ade Rie sama Kakak Farah ya? paling cuman ini doang fotonya http://www.flickr.com/photos/nyanya/4981672852/

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